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Question: ipod nano shows old folders

I've been using my iPod nano (7th) gen for a few years now, mainly in my truck (2015 Nissan Frontier). Music and podcasts have gone onto it and come off over those years. The old folders, however, don't seem to disappear if I delete the content.

For example, I've added an album by Aerosmith. A few weeks later, I remove that album via iTunes. The folder for the album still shows up on the interface in the truck. I recently restored the iPod and haven't added any new content, but the truck still shows all the folders from pre-restoration.

I've inspected the filesystem on the nano (from a Windoze box and from a Mac (hidden files revealed)) but have had no success in seeing anything out of the ordinary.

Puzzled and frustrated. The truck interface is now pretty much useless as I have to remember which of the dozens of folders actually has content.

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Question: ipod nano shows old folders