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Question: Help. Virus found

for the past couple of weeks I keep getting message that says it's from Apple care and that I have a trojan virus. the screen then goes to some download to fix the problem. at this site http://safety.apple.com.vdmtdmyr.k75ldhwh8rfkakzwbvodqq.review/o/en/index.php?br owser=Safari&fred=1&app=Advanced%20MacCl…

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any ideas?

MacBook Air, macOS High Sierra (10.13.4)

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Apr 20, 2018 9:17 PM in response to judith1207 In response to judith1207

It is a total scam.

In this case, it appears to be a scare tactic being used by Mac Cleaner, which is a piece of garbageware that is sold to Mac users who think that it will protect them. In reality, it will only serve to mess up your Mac and mess up the built-in protection that is a part of the OS of every Mac.

Download Malware Bytes to scan for Adware and Malware on your Mac: Antivirus Replacement for Mac - Scan and Remove Malware | Malwarebytes (use the Free Download version - it works great).

Also, if you did download Mac Cleaner, see the "Helpful" post from John Galt in this previous thread on this topic: Advanced MacCleaner popup virus



Apr 20, 2018 9:17 PM

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Apr 21, 2018 5:08 AM in response to judith1207 In response to judith1207

Method to remove Advanced Mac Cleaner App .

Enter in System library .

Click on finder > Take the cursor on top menu bar > Go > computer > Macintosh HD

Search the app in following folder .

( a ) Applications - Advanced Mac cleaner

Enter in User library , click on finder > Go > hold option key > click on library .

( a ) Folder Advanced Mac cleaner - click on it , the followings .plist are found .



( b) In Application Support folder of Mac , there is a subfolder Advanced Mac cleaner



( c) Folder amc






( d ) Folder Caches of Mac these are two remnants of the app .



( e ) Cookies folder of Mac




( f ) Folder hlpramc

Web settings.plist

( g ) Folder Launch Agents of Mac


( h ) Folder logs of Mac there are two log files .


Advanced Mac Cleaner.log

( I ) Preferences folder of Mac



( j ) Click on download folder , right click on the advancer cleaner file and delete .

amc_amc apstm.pkg

( k) Users and groups - open the pad lock by entering admin password .

Click on Login items - Advanced Mac Cleaner select the box , the app will be highlighted and click on subtract sign .

These are the files of Advanced Mac cleaner found in system library and user library folders , the individual advanced Mac cleaner folder and .plists found in subfolders are to be deleted .

Open finder > in applications folder right click on Advanced Cleaner app a prompt appears .

Advanced Mac Cleaner helper requires permission to complete the uninstallation .

Please provide the admin password to the next screen continue .

( a ) cancel

( b ) ok

Click on ok .

Again a prompt will appear enter user password .

You have to enter it correctly the app is removed permanently with its remnants also .

You can use Antivirus Replacement for Mac - Scan and Remove Malware | Malwarebytes

Install in your Mac and click on scan button the advanced Mac cleaner will be removed .

Apr 21, 2018 5:08 AM

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Question: Help. Virus found