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Question: News app/widget deleted accidentally (Canada)

my dad accidentally deleted the news app, so the widget is also gone.

According to other forums, and since he is on my family sharing plan, I’d have to change the region to the U.S. on my account for him to be able to download the news app. However, when I went to do that, it said that to change region I’d have to delete/cancel my Apple Music???

Is there another solution to this? User uploaded file

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Apr 21, 2018 7:37 AM in response to tashahhh14 In response to tashahhh14

If your news app is downloaded on your phone, then you will be able to get the widget back by going to the widget page on your phone and scrolling all the way to the bottom where there will be a small circle saying edit. press this and it may ask for your fingerprint to unlock or it will take you straight to the widget editing menu. You will see different widgets with a red circle and a minus sign. These are widgets already on your widget page. Below those are widgets with a green circle and a plus sign. These are widgets that are able to be added to your widget page. Your news widget should be with those additional widgets. Just press the circle and it will be added to your widget page. You can also change the location of the news widget by holding down on the 3 horizontal lines on the right of the added widget. You can move it above or below the other widgets added and will appear in this order on your widgets page.

If your news app is not on your home screen with your other installed apps. Just go to the app store and reinstall it. Then just complete the above instructions and you should be all set.

Hope this helps.

Apr 21, 2018 7:37 AM

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Question: News app/widget deleted accidentally (Canada)