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Question: Clear all music from ipod classic

I thought my ipod classic was dead, it sat on my desk for four years, turns out it wasn't. Brother charged it up real well or something. I know, duh.

I want to start from scratch and clear it, if I simply hit Restore iPod in itunes to factory settings will Apple then somehow make it unusable because it's so old? I did go to music and unclicked everything that was on there in my playlists and clicked apply and that pretty well emptied it out, but there are still 1600 songs on there because I didn't want to go thru ALL of albums and artists, figured it was getting ridiculous.

I want a clean slate.

Restore ok?

(I'm on MacBook Pro, El Capitan, itunes,

iPod classic

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Yes, restoring the device should be all you need to do.


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Question: Clear all music from ipod classic