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Question: OS 10.13.4 not letting me run my 32 bit app

An app I use almost everyday is Soundminer. It works in combination with Pro Tools to search and load SFX and Music from my extensive libraries. I recently had to upgrade to 10.13.4 because in 10.10.3 my screen graphics in Pro Tools were disappearing during sessions. I upgraded to High Sierra and now my screen graphics are good again but Soundminer won't run or even start. I get a splash screen and then a warning from Apple about all 32 bit programs not being supported next Fall.

Soundminer said this: If you're running macOS 10.13.4 or later, starting April 12 at midnight local time, if and when you launch a 32-bit application, you'll get this notification above. You'll only ever get the notification once — the first time you launch the 32-bit app. Apple is beginning to warn users that it plans to stop supporting 32 bit altogether, likely by the next OS.

The problem is where they say "you'll only get this notification once." I get it every time I try to run Soundminer, plus Soundminer never opens, I just get the splash screen and it goes away. I'd be fine if Apple would do what they say, warn me and then let me run this app until next fall, but I'm not being allowed to run it at all. Soundminer won't be 64-bit until next fall, so I've lost one of my favorite apps. Any idea how to get Apple to live up to their claim of only warning me once and not every time I try to run Soundminer?

iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 10

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Question: OS 10.13.4 not letting me run my 32 bit app