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Question: CarPlay disconnect cycle

I have an iPhone 6S running iOS 11.3 and a 2017 Honda CR-V. The Honda head-unit has CarPlay (and has firmware version 1.F195.80 in case that's interesting). I connect the phone using the vehicle's dedicated CarPlay USB port.

CarPlay sometimes works perfectly with the phone. Sometimes it gets into a state where the phone disconnects and the head-unit displays "No device connected." Music continues to play in this state, but no apps (e.g. Maps) continue.

I've used only Apple-provided cables, and I've tried more than one of those. Rebooting the head-unit has no effect. If I reboot the phone, it works perfectly for the rest of that drive, which may be a few minutes, or hours.

I've noticed a weird pattern. If I reconnect the phone after it gets kicked out, it works again for 6 minutes, then gets kicked out again. (It might be a bit less than exactly 6 minutes; I haven't timed it to the second.) I can repeat this 6-minute cycle indefinitely; I once did it for more than an hour, aiming to collect debugging data. The first time that it's kicked out during a new drive it may take less than 6 minutes, but every time after, it's 6 minutes. If I reboot the phone, it then works perfectly for the rest of the drive.

iPhone 6s, iOS 11.3

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Question: CarPlay disconnect cycle