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Question: IPad Pro Touch Screen Issue

Hey Guys,

I am facing this issue like many other iPad Pro users.

Touch screen issue.

Touch screen would be unresponsive at times and also when apple pencil is near.

It is unable to detect touch at random moments, tilted or charging.
Only able to detect apple pencil at times.

To be fair, I did reset settings, factory resets, itunes resets, exchanged new iPad.


I realised this problem keeps on coming back after a few months.

No doubt I enjoy using the iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen as a working tablet for serious usage, the most effective drawing tablet when it is at best. I use it frequently as a dual display (duet display), drawing tablet (sketchbook pro, procreate).

With this touch screen issue surfacing, I hate to get myself disappointed.

I strongly believe this is a hardware issue.

Anyone else agrees?

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Question: IPad Pro Touch Screen Issue