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Question: Used sketch, one minute, & now it wont draw

I've just learned how to simply use Preview sketch tool to draw a line. My Mac Mini (ElCapitan 10.11) has Preview 8.1. It worked fine for drawing a line on a road map, to indicate the directions for driving somewhere. I also succeeded in changing the line's color, and thickness. But many times when I used the pen-point cursor image, it would start to drag a rectangular box. Okay, that box did have a line going corner to corner, but by clicking the sketch tool command a few times, I could get lucky and return to the free line-drawing usage. Minutes later though, when I tried to draw another line, I either got only a dot not a line; or dragging (still a pen-point), I could only select part of the image, in a box, that box might then turn color or be deleted if I hit delete.

I don't know why i cannot draw any more lines. My searches provided skeletal instructions for first time use, or for other versions of Preview. Preview 10 seems more like real drawing, Preview 7 has a cruder drop down menu.

Nowhere could I find any reports of the pen-point (sketch) cursor making dots only.

Mac mini, OS X El Capitan (10.11.4)

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Apr 21, 2018 4:07 PM in response to Escape Cod In response to Escape Cod

Omg! I solved one of these troubles. I tried again, hoping to find a tool influencing that "dot", I went to some of the color selection options. I saw the dot was green, so I tried to change it to a red dot. Suddenly the line I'd drawn but had never seen, popped up as a red line, with that green dot in the middle of it. The dot was the drag-and-reshape-the-line tool. I must have accidentally clicked on the transparent choice in the color or the line menu.

Hope this may help someone else (with something like my own narrow understanding of Preview :-) That selection of a rectangle of the image, is still a little mysterious for me. Why include that, in a drawing tool?

Apr 21, 2018 4:07 PM

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Question: Used sketch, one minute, & now it wont draw