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Question: Why won't iMap Gmail erase archived mail?

I was called to help a friend who can't get her mail because her HD was so full.

I could not find many actual files like Pics or Docs so I assume it's because her Gmail which is configured as iMap has not erased any email since 2011!!!! There are 62,000+ of them.

I went onto her Gmail account online and tried to fix that but it only let me erase 100 at a time so I gave up. However she now at least has 70% of her 15 GIGS used so she should be able to download mail.

IS THERE a setting in Mail.app that will erase these emails from the server remotely?

Also, I posted in another section about the "iCloud cannot connect due to a problem with xxx@gmail" and wondered if also this is preventing her from connecting to download mail? I sent her a test and it only arrived online not on her Mail.app

I am not sure of the connection.

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Question: Why won't iMap Gmail erase archived mail?