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Question: iPad random app & device crashes after 11.3 update

After updating to iOS 11.3 last week my iPad pro 12.9’’ 2015 has had a series of random errors and app & device crashes:

- Day 1: stock Photos app crashed on selecting a photo, followed by a black screen, forcing a complete reset.

- Day 2: after restoring from a backup, worked fine for a day, then the devicecrashed in the middle of rotate animation, black screen again.

- Day 3: after another reset & restore from backup, I removed some apps to try to find the root of the issues. Worked fine for another day, then safari started crashing after typing into the search bar on opening a new tab, repeatedly. I tried restarting (not force restart) the device, but the connect to iTunes screen immediately showed, requiring a complete restore.

- Day 4: this time I set the device up as a new iPad and installed only my most frequently used apps. The next day, black screen on device rotate animation again.

- Day 5: something happened which I can’t remember, but I tried to restart, got stuck at Apple logo, plugged into iTunes, it said update is not possible and iPad needed to be reset.

- Day 6 (today): restored from day 4‘s backup and disabled iCloud photo & music library as I’d read doing so could help. This time, a dictionary lookup in Safari showed an error, saything something went wrong. I went to the settings up to check and it kept crashing repeatedly as I tried to open the dictionary setting. I tried to restart, got stuck at Apple logo again. Another reset and setup as new device.

At this stage I’m starting to think the problem may be hardware related, but I’m not entirely sure because my iPad had been working fine before updating to 11.3. I checked all over the internet but repeated, random crashes mostly happen to iPads much older than mine. There’s no Apple store where I live so I wanted to check if anyone has had the same issues and managed to resolve them.

iPad Pro Wi-Fi, iOS 11.3, 12.9’’ 2015

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May 10, 2018 7:51 AM in response to lvnfg In response to lvnfg

I’m having the same issues. Same ios11.3. Only my iPad is brand new. 2017 version. They screwed up something. Mine is crashing using YouTube and Safari and iMessage and Notes! Can’t get any more well used AND more “basic” app to crash than those! Its driving me nuts! Brand new & a BIG problem!

May 10, 2018 7:51 AM

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May 10, 2018 8:41 AM in response to Jeanneeber In response to Jeanneeber

Sorry to hear that, really suck to have it happened to a brand new one. Do let me know if you manage to get your iPad fixed. I took mine to Apple last week and they said it’d cost $700 to have it replaced. That’s the price of a brand new, 2017 version so I said no.

May 10, 2018 8:41 AM

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Question: iPad random app & device crashes after 11.3 update