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Question: restarts after logining

My MacBook Pro 15” mid 2012, When I login to my Mac the bar loads 3/4 of the way then the Mac restarts. It used to come up with a error message saying “The Mac has encounter a problem and needed to restart” but after I did a P-Ram reset that message doesn’t come up anymore it just restarts. Another weird thing Is if I try to boot from a bootable drive to put a fresh image on it, but once again the bar will load so far then stop then the screen goes black. Same if I try to enter recovery mode or internet recovery. The only things that have sort have worked are booting in with safe mode, when I login after booting with safe mode the bar will load completely but then nothing happens I have left it for an hour or two like this. The second thing that worked was performing a hardware test as it actually completed but it found no errors.

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Question: restarts after logining