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Question: Can't Delete Contact - Wayne Schmidt


I had a calendar notification that it was Wayne Schmidt's birthday this past April 20th! I am sure that would be cool if I knew who this guy is?!?!?!

Looking at is info in Contacts, his contact data fields have no contact info, only business, title, birthday, LinkedIn name, and address as Osaka Japan.

I cannot delete him from my contacts. Under Edit>Delete Cards is grayed out. Also, the contact is only on my Macbook Pro. Not in my synched iCloud contacts, or on my iMac contacts (my iMac is only a workstation for video editing. Though connected to the internet I do not use contacts or mail on it).

A spotlight search reveals several emails he was cc'ed on but I have not added him to my contacts nor put his birthday in my calendar. Yet he is there and I cannot delete him.

It does not seem like a big deal but it is weird that I cannot delete someone from my contacts. Anyone have a suggestion?

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Question: Can't Delete Contact - Wayne Schmidt