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Question: iTunes opens only if run as administrator or if BTTray.exe is quit

I currently have iTunes version I received this update on April 22nd 2018. As far back as early 2016 when I was on windows 7 with much earlier versions of iTunes the only way I could open it was if I set it to run as administrator via the compatibility tab. I am now on Windows 10 with the fall creators update and the exact version is Windows 10 Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.371). I still have the same problem. I kind of found a solution to this on this thread itunes 12 wont start unless 'run as administrator'. On my own I figured out that I could run iTunes as administrator and get it to run but this means that it never runs when an iPhone is detected as being connected to the machine. On the thread I have referred to above there was a suggestion to quit BTTray.exe. I tried this and not only did iTunes run without having to be set to run as Admin but it also launched at lightning speed which I have never seen it do!! problem is I need bluetooth so can't keep BTTray.exe disabled. Funny thing is if I relaunch BTTray.exe iTunes continues to launch maintaining the same lightning speed. but if I quit iTunes and wait a few minutes again it does not open unless I quit BTTray.exe again. Does anyone have any permanent i.e. hard fix for this?? The solution should ideally let the user run iTunes without having to change anything in compatibility mode and without needing to quit BTTray.exe every time.

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Question: iTunes opens only if run as administrator or if BTTray.exe is quit