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Question: Ipad 3D raytracing modelling app

Ipad 3D raytracing modelling app

I dont know if this is a question

or perhaps more a idea or

maybe a request!!.

Anyway, i have been dreaming

about having a real 3D app

for Ipad, no no, not those simple

3d modelling app or CAD app’s you

find on Appstore,like Umake, but a real 3D modelling raytracing

app like Blender or 3D max, perhaps

more simplified , but with lots of lots

of features, like a real render, scanline render, app feature should be , fluid simulation, material editor,

animation with bones, inverse kinematic

,real physic simulation, texture editor,

modelling features, like lofting, extrude,

revolving 360 degrees (or whatever it is


shader system with nodes,

create shaders , like water, fire,


creating materials , like plastic, metal,

wood, marble..

Phong, ansotropic shaders.

render picture / animation to disk .

Discreet FX (maker of Aladdin 4D,

which is a 3D modelling software

program, has a version for Ipad,

atleast thats what it seems.

On Discreet FX website ,

it says “DiscreetFX version of

Aladdin4D 6.0 will work native on

the platforms listed below.

Which include Ipad, but i dont

see any Aladdin4D on appstore!.

Then there is the Verto Studio,

i bought it, shure its great for

very small project, but not

very efficient in any way, and

doesn't come close to blender at

all!, not even a tiny bit!.

I refuse to believe , that it is imposible

to create a real 3d modelling raytrace

/ global illumination render aplication

for Ipad, but no one has ever created

such a big aplication, and there is

no such app on Appstore yet, if


Properly we need a bunch of

the best of the best ios programmers

to program, create a blender like app

for Ipad.

Price $$$ ?, i would gladly pay 100$

for this app!.

I wish Autodesk or Maxon, Newtek would considering making such program for Ipad.

Properly why no one has been interested in making a advanced raytrace modeller,

is, you cant use a mouse on Ipad!.

Talking about CPU / GPU, just look at , how fast Apple’s A11 processor and GPU is,

that should be a fairly “easy” task for

the A11 and the GPU to do raytracing,

not realtime!.

Appstore have tons of audio / synth app’s, even very complicated

Audio synthesis aplication , audio / midi sequencer for Ipad , Iphone, etc,

but no advanced 3D modelling raytace

app for Ipad!.

If Anyone like to respond ?,

please do.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Question: Ipad 3D raytracing modelling app