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Question: iPad mini 2 (UK) can't go past IOS 9.3.5 need at least ios 10 for certain apps (eBay) to work


Tried searching community for a for a topic but kept getting an error, saying can't load page try again later.

So, I have an iPad Mini 2 UK model. I am actually trying to use my Ebay App but it keeps stating that my iPad mini 2 needs to be running IOS 10 or higher. So I've tried updating via iTunes & wirelessly to the newest version (or anything higher than IOS 9.3.5 which is my current IOS version) with no joy. I went onto to Apple's support webpage and it clearly states that iPad mini 2 is compatible. Clearly IT'S NOT!!

I'm so peeved off right now. I tried using Apple chat and was just told, sorry your model # of your iPad mini 2 can't go any higher than 9.3.5. Not much help really.

Great, so now I like probably thousands of other iPad mini 2 owners aren't able to use certain apps due to our iPads not being able to use a higher IOS. Now that forces us as consumers to have to buy yet another iPad or ditch the iPad altogether. I think this is both an Apple fault & an eBay app fault.

Suggestions anyone?

(can't even upload a capture of the support page for compatibility of products - as keeps saying make sure it's under 2mb (its only 57kb)

iPad Mini Wi-Fi, iOS 9.3.5

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Apr 22, 2018 4:12 PM in response to JuUkUs In response to JuUkUs

Are YOU SURE you have an iPad MIni 2?

Most iPad Mini users think they have a newer iPad Mini that they can upgrade to a higher iOS.

In theSettings App, General, About, look for you iPad's Model ID number and post it here so we can confirm what iPad Mini model you own.

Also, FYI, I have iPads STILL running iOS 9.3.5 and, although eBsy keeps putting up this upgrade app message in their older version of their app, my iOS 9.3.5 AND my iOS 5.1.1 versions of the eBay app both STILL work and function and can login to my account and home page from both of these versions of the eBay app!

Also, you still have the option of accessing the eBay website from a web browser.

Apr 22, 2018 4:12 PM

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Apr 22, 2018 5:02 PM in response to JuUkUs In response to JuUkUs

Also, without even confirming your model of iPad Mini, if your iPad Mini cannot go any higher than iOS 9.3.5. then you have/own a 1st generation iPad Mini 1!

Not an iPad MIni 2!

A 1st gen iPad Mini cannot go any higher than iOS 9.3.5.

The hardware is too old to handle any newer versions of iOS.

A 1st gen iPad Mini is a near functional equivalent of a 7-year old iPad 2nd generation (iPad 2).

If you could update that iPad Mini, you would NOT be happy with your 1st gen iPad Mini pw4formanceand would be coming in these Apple product supoort communities complaining about how much slower your iPad is running iOS 10 OR 11!

You can either choose to use the eBay website through a web browser OR purchase a new or “newer” (refurbished from Apple or used) iPad model!

This is why Apple introduced the new, lower cost 2017 and 2018 iPad 5th and 6th models.

Apple is trying to get older iPad 2, 3, 4 and 1st gen Mini iPad users to upgrade to more modern iPad hardware in with the recent introduction/release of iOS 11, which WILL render all older 32 bit iDevices obsolete, in time.

So, the decisions are really up to you!

If you decide to stick with your older iPad, I would STOP using that 2-2-1/2 year old Safari web browser, as it is, probably, not safe and secure to use any longer, and seek out a third party web browser that is STILL currently being updated and STILL being supported on iOS 9.3.5.

Here are a few third party web browsers that I know are STILL being updated and supported on iOS 9.

Perfect Web browser

iCab Mobile Web browser

Dolphin Web browser

Aloha Web browser

Maven Web browser

Maxthon Web browser

Opera Web Browser

Good Luck to You!

Apr 22, 2018 5:02 PM

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Apr 23, 2018 7:25 AM in response to MichelPM In response to MichelPM

Hi Michel PM

OMG I actually do have an iPad mini 1 A1432! I even did 'chat' with support last night and gave them/it my model & serial #s. All they responded with is 'no, your iPad can't upgrade iOS & can I help you with anything else''. They never said 'oh you have an iPad mini 1.'

Oh well, that explains everything. I also had to use a magnifying glass to even see the model number in the back of the grey iPad too. Not good for us older people. My partner told me it was an iPad mini 2, should have checked myself. To be honest have had for 4 years I think.

Guess it's time to get another.

ps.. You mentioned I should probably stop using Safari browser on this old iPad. Why not Google, just asking? Unfamiliar with the ones you mentioned.

Apr 23, 2018 7:25 AM

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Question: iPad mini 2 (UK) can't go past IOS 9.3.5 need at least ios 10 for certain apps (eBay) to work