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Question: fundraising spreadsheet

trying to create a spreadsheet in numbers that lets me put down the total of how much my team needs to make but also shows the progress of how much is left or how much is raised.

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Apr 23, 2018 2:26 AM in response to SamuelSeda In response to SamuelSeda

Hi Samuel,

Numbers works well with several tables, each with a purpose. Perhaps this will do what you want.

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Assuming that the cost of a trip is the same for everybody ($250.00) you can enter that into the single-cell table named "Cost".

In the "Payments" table, enter each payment. That table contains no formulas. Column A is a Header Column. Row 1 is a Header Row.

The work is done by the "Result" table. Column A is a Header Column. Row 1 is a Header Row.

Formula in B2 ("Total Paid") and Fill Down =SUM(Payments::2:2)

The formula will automatically expand to include extra columns in the "Payments" table.

Formula in C2 ("Owing") and Fill Down =Cost::A$1−B2

The $ symbol in the formula keeps it absolute (focused on row 1 of the "Cost" table) as you fill the formula down in the "Result" table.



Apr 23, 2018 2:26 AM

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Question: fundraising spreadsheet