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Question: Not aloud to change country on the App Store!

So I’ve only just notice that my App Store is in a different language but only for reviews and then I noticed that the £ logo is now some weird currency that I have never seen in my life! So I go to change the country thinking it must be a mistake as it wasn’t like this last month and it tells me I can’t change it without cancling my Apple Music which I wasn’t overly happy about but I cancled it just to change it just to find out I still have to wait for my month I’ve paid for to run out before being able to change the country! I’ve had Apple Music for about a year now so if you can’t change the country with an Apple Music subscription how come last month my App Store was English and all of a sudden it’s another country! Is this actually a joke I won’t be re subscribing to Apple Music now may as well use Spotify or Amazon so it doesn’t mess with my whole phone!

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Apr 22, 2018 6:14 PM in response to Carolyn Samit In response to Carolyn Samit

Carolyn ...

please read the question summary and you will see that I know why it’s doing it I want answers as to why I’ve had Apple Music for a year and some how in the last month my country on my App Store has changed and I haven’t been abroad or changed it. If I need to cancel my subscription to change it back to English when I never changed it to the other country how has it managed to change itself in the first place.

Apr 22, 2018 6:14 PM

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Question: Not aloud to change country on the App Store!