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Question: Apple/Microsoft download for Airplay for windows 10

Hi there,

Has anyone come across any windows platform Airplay apps that are compatible to use with airplay from an ipad that have good ratings and would pass Norton Security Premium.

I noticed there were a few previous posts on this matter, though all were dated 2013 before W10 released, so thought I would start a new query. Basically, I have windows 10 and no Apple computer. I've got the 1st gen ipad pro, though the battery life is practically useless for the work volume I do, so its only used a few times a day and mainly my laptop is my go to for projects I need to work steadily without interruptions daily. I have a chronic illness and haven't been able to work more than 2 week for over a year now, so upgrading is well out of my ball park.

Basically, I'm interested in downloading Airplay onto my W10 Toshiba satelitte C50-C. A quick google search didn't really come back with anything that looks particularly promising, as even though my laptops battery life is great in comparison, windows isn't exactly known for stability when it comes to unassuming, obscure wild apps mysteriously floating around internet landia, waiting for someone roaming its territory to hitchhike its trojans onto my system.

Airplay-OTHER, Windows 10

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Question: Apple/Microsoft download for Airplay for windows 10