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Hi, does anyone know of bluetooth earphones that are compatible with iPod shuffle 2G and Nokia N70?
I've come across the following, but unfortunately they're not usable with iPod shuffle:
BlueAnt X5 (www.dse.com.au/cgi-bin/d...oduct/View/E9532 )
Gear4 BlueEye ( www.dse.com.au/cgi-bin/d...oduct/View/C6804 )
Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Your URLs have been cut in the middle, but I searched the DSE site for the products.

    What do you mean compatible? The BlueAnt product will connect to a 3.5 audio jack. The BlueAnt web site says: "utilize the supplied BlueAnt Audio Streamer to connect to any MP3 player, iPod, or DVD etc and stream music direct while answering calls from a phone." Why is that not compatible with the shuffle? Would you just connect the audio streamer to the shuffle?
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    Yeh it would do the job, but the audio input is on 1 of the headphones and the iPod would be on the headphones itself to use the 3.5mm jack (pg 6 & 9 http://www.blueant.com.au/manuals/x5/X5Stereo_HeadsetManual.pdf), thanks.
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    Your original message says it's not usable. It is. You should have said that you wanted the audio from the shuffle to go through Bluetooth. I was assuming you wanted to be able to listen to music but still be able to receive a call and hear it, which is what the other product provides.

    Are you just wanting headphones that can be used with your iPod shuffle and connected to your phone at other times?
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    Well after much googling and forum lurking, I've decided to go with the Bluetooth Stereo Music Angel - Universal (by PMR-Technology.com) from Expansys.com.au for AU$86.95 which is reasonably compact (i.e. not 80's inspired), is compatible with the iPod Shuffle [orange] 2G (using the 3.5mm jack) and bluetooth compliant with a Nokia N70.

    Music Angel specs:
    - Compliant with Bluetooth V1.1 and 1.2 specifications and fully qualified Class 2 device.
    - Typical operation now 20m distance.
    - Can use the same stereo earphones supplied with the MP3 player
    - Advanced call handling features including reject, mute and transfer of calls
    - Supports call waiting, and three way calling
    - Can be used as a Bluetooth Headset with earphones (not supplied)
    - Compact and ergonomic design
    - Charged from USB port, USB charger cable supplied 4hrs talk time max. , 100hrs standby (phone dependent)
    - Music Angel has visual and audible indicators
    - Music Angel Universal 46x26x10.7mm, small and light weight Integrated clip for easy attachment to shirt or blouse etc FCC, CE and BQB Qualified

    Additionaly, although I really like the Apple iPhone concept, since it lacks 3.5G/HSxPA functionality, think I'll remain a Nokia user even though the Samsung U100 is appealing being 5.9mm thick but with no WiFi. I hope Apple will consider using WiFi for the next generation of iPods.