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I have a rather strange problem with iTunes. My library is only about 56 GBs.

I recently upgraded to a newer G5 computer.

Old computer: G4 1.25GHz single MDD, 380GB Raid with ATA card - iTunes has never had a problem playing songs and I've NEVER had it stutter the audio.

New computer: G5 2GHz DP (2003), 500GB Maxtor (on second ATA slot in G5) brand new drive just bought this week - I copied my entire iTunes library to this drive. Set up iTunes (and running the latest system and itunes software) to see this music library on the second drive. Now ALL songs will stutter at different times but basically I can't play a single song now without it stuttering off and on while playing.

What's up? The new computer is faster, more RAM, but doesn't have a RAID - just a single 500 GB Maxtor bought from Fry's Computers and formatted just like the startup drive (160GB).

Why is my music stuttering now?

PowerMac G5 2 GHz DP, 3 GB RAM, 160GB HD, Mac OS X (10.4.8), 500 GB SATA, Pioneer DVR-106, (2) 60 GB Ipod Video, 1GB Shuffle
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    Okay, after fiddling more with it, I realized the machine I bought had a second video card installed in slot 4 - it's an ATI VGA (I don't know what model) card. When I have the monitor plugged into the VGA port on that card, I get the stuttering audio. I then moved the monitor from that card to the original card (9600) in slot 1 (AGP), and the stuttering totally went away.

    Any thoughts as to why a video card would affect disk performance and ultimately iTunes playback?