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I have an iBook, dual boot OS 9.2.2 / 10.2.4. Recently I installed a music sequencng program which runs in OS 9. The program came with some additional documentation, which are pdf files. The files open in Adobe Acrobat 5.0.5 (which happens to reside in the OSX applications folder).

I had no problem reading the documents until this morning, when I discovered that a few of them had spontaneously switched their language to French, icon titles included. The Acrobat preferences application language is set to English. I tried trashing the preference file, rebuilding the desktop, without any change.

Does anyone know what on earth could cause this? The same documents were in English last night. (?)

iMac G3, iBook G3, Mac OS 9.2.x, iMacG3: 400 MHz; 64 MB; 10 GB. iBookG3: 900 MHz; 640 MB; 40 GB
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    Okay, I'm really going with too little sleep lately...

    But I discovered that of the 23 pdf documents in this folder, 4 were duplicated in French. The document I was reading last night was was titled "VST Instruments", and the one which I opened this morning, "Instruments VST", was in French. I just didn't catch the title discrepency. 3 others had titles that were obviously in another language.

    As to why these documents were mixed in with the English ones, I have no idea.

    Sorry for the post.
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    Hi, motc -

    Thanks for posting back with your resolution. I had been trying to think of any way that a PDF could have been produced in more than one language, without success. Since it is not possible for the OS to do a 'real' translation of a document on its own, much less break the locked nature of a PDF, I could think of no suggestions.