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Question: I want a Iphone please.

Maybe it will be ridiculous when you read it.

How this email might have come a lot. But the special thing about this is that I will be very realistic.

Let me introduce you. What I am writing to you is a girl coming from a small country, Albania. My family consists of parents, two sisters and a small brother. I graduated from high school this year. Soon I have a birthday and like everybody i want a iphone. I know that this will not be fulfilled because my parents are not able to buy me. I do not blame you. I understand them very well. The father is unemployed and Mom is sick. In this world I know that there are good people, generous and compassionate. That's why I told you, Apple. It's the first time I ask for something like that. I would be really happy if you see this message. Hope that big companies like you, do good deeds. God bless you

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May 25, 2018 9:00 AM in response to SaraAlbania In response to SaraAlbania

I wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope your father finds a job and your mother gets better soon. But as others have already pointed out, Apple does not give away iPhone's. I hope you get a great education, that leads to a successful career and you one day have the resources to buy yourself an iPhone.

May 25, 2018 9:00 AM

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Question: I want a Iphone please.