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Question: Horrible experience for Apple Care- screen flickers when turned o

So we have been an Apple fan for past 15 years or so, but going through a horrible experience with my Mac. The retina screen had some spots so we took it back for Apple Care, they replaced the screen.

When we got it back, on startup, the screen becomes partially green or yellow for a fraction of seconds (photo below), we dropped the computer back again and just got a call saying that they think the problem is likely in the software or the hard drive or a loose connection someplace in the system , so essentially they don't know, and they would like to erase my hard drive to run some tests.

Whatever little I know about the computer, I am having problem understanding this... how can you mess up my software or hard drive when you are replacing my screen.

Not to mention, when we picked up the computer this dude who was carrying my computer banged it against the door.

I am fuming.... it was an expensive system to begin with, but what I am worried most is what's on that hard drive...

BTW the dude wanted my admin password so that he could check if things were all backed up.

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iMac, iOS 8.3

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May 25, 2018 1:35 PM in response to sharadfromliv In response to sharadfromliv

Well, included in their various warranties' verbiage, they do tell you to back up your device before bringing it in. You must always assume the worst scenario when taking it in. Second, before bringing it in, you should always either give them the device with a bare OS system on it or create a "test" user with limited access and with a silly password (1 2 3 4 5) so they have a way of accessing the system. So, their request is reasonable - they need access especially if they don't know where the fault is. I assume you have your stuff backed up, of course? As for the password, that is up to you now - if you have sensitive info on it, then I'd say you should run over to the store and wipe your files on it and then when you get it back, change your password.

FWIW, you are NOT running any version of iOS on your Mac - what Mac OS version are you on (please correct that in your profile - it helps with troubleshooting).

May 25, 2018 1:35 PM

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Question: Horrible experience for Apple Care- screen flickers when turned o