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Question: Is the Black Screen gone for good?

In late March, I accidentally dropped my Macbook Pro from chair height and it resulted in the screen turning black. The apple logo wouldn't light up as well but the keypad was working fine. I hooked it up to the tv and I could view my screen on it.

After the accident, I've tried countless of ways to get my screen to lit up but to no avail.

Yesterday, I finally decided to visit a repair shop and they said that I may have to get my screen changed. I also mentioned that I once had a spillage in late January. He decided to open the bottom case to see if there were any leakages and turns out there were. He offered to do a chemical clean up but mentioned that there may be a chance of the logic board failing after that. This means that I would have to pay a much larger sum of money for repairing both the screen and the logic board, to which I decided not to proceed with the repair.

But miraculously, when I got back home that night, my macbook suddenly lit up. I was shocked to see it finally work after so long. Was it because he opened the bottom case? But he didn't even tinker with any of the parts. Does this safely mean that my screen isn't faulty and I can continue using it without any hiccups?

I just wanted to share my experience through this post, in the case where anybody is in the same situation as me, there may be a chance that your macbook screen is still working (not guaranteed though).

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch,Early 2015), null

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Question: Is the Black Screen gone for good?