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Question: Ok is this corruption?

I do not have root access

i cannot access the web bc it says i am on an unsecured network

port tcp 11001 is open and sends packets if i turn on my wifi

there are several hidden files I cannot access under



and the dates all say Jan 1 no year unlike the rest.

i open bash and it is inside of another shell. I can never access single user mode.

my i/o controller seems to be affected bluetooth

i took out my harddrive and I still had a root directory.

I cannot install a new os because it creates a bunch of alias forwards

if I remember anything else I will post.

it sounds a ton like this post

Malware has setup a hidden partition

Anyone know how to fix this? I am literally out of ideas.

i have reinstalled


wiped recovery drive

wiped whole hard drive through disk utility

randomized disk

used rm -R on the weird root files

tried to change my privileges

downgraded to os that came with my computer 10.6.3 snow leopard

upgraded back to high sierra

nothing works. The good news is, I know UNIX code now and I know how to code scripts.

i was already a pretty advanced user but this has me stumped.

I know you are going to say it’s not malware so then Im not going to call it that.

But what IS IT?

Why is it downloading things like com.apple.packet-garbler

when i try to download high sierra?

I’m stumped and out of ideas.

Im about to just shell out $1,900 for a new macbook that I cannot really afford so before I do that I need to try my last option. You.

Please. Help. Me.

thank you.

Mine also started after something told me to install Flash.

i didn’t. But i also didn’t have Flash installed. I don’t use that crappy software.

this started around march 27

i noticed I had xcode installed I never installed it

i had appache installed never installed it

i have legacy boot i never did that

i have HID devices

a VM i have never installed bc I don’t use VM.

if anyone wants to figure this out with me let me know.


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Question: Ok is this corruption?