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Question: IMEI Number Mismatch After Repair

Hi Gurus,

My iPhone-6 (phone name - xyz iPhone) went under repair due to screen damage. As per the process they asked me to take back-up (took it on 11th May) and disable the "Find My iPhone" feature.

Now I've received my phone but I was surprised to see some changes :

1. Previous IMEI and new IMEI are not same.

2. IMEI on navigation(Setting -> General -> About) and at back of the iPhone are same but not the older one. While IMEI on pressing #06# is still the older one.

3. On navigation (Settings -> Apple ID), I can see two devices. One is older device (xyz iPhone) with older IMEI while other is new device (xyzabc Iphone) with new IMEI

4. When I connected to iTunes to restore my backup (from 11th May) I couldn't do. iTunes first asked me to update the IOS then took a whole new backup for device (xyzabc iPhone). Now I can't find my previous backup from (XYZ iPhone).

PS - On my repair bill, I can see fields like "New Serial Number", "Old Serial Number", "New IMEI", "Old IMEI". Also I verified through "Check Your Service and Support Coverage - Apple Support" and iTunes to confirm if device is genuine or not.

Plz advise -

1. If there are 2 IMEI, does it mean that hardware has been mishandled and security of my iPhone was compromised?

1. What is the disadvantage of having different IMEI number on handset to that of *#06#, as it can impact if I wish to sell my handset.

2. Should I keep both the devices as in point#3, or can I remove anyone - if yes then older device or new one?

3. How I can restore back-up taken from old device on this new device?

Plz let me know if you need any additional info.



iPhone 6, iOS 11.3.1

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May 28, 2018 2:12 PM in response to shivalik1987 In response to shivalik1987

It sounds to me like your entire device was replaced with a service unit. That happens when more then just the display turns out to be damaged.

A replacement device will of course have its own unique IMEI and serial numbers. The two devices you see listed under your AppleID are your old one (which now Apple has and will recycle) and your current replacement device.

May 28, 2018 2:12 PM

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Question: IMEI Number Mismatch After Repair