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Question: A tale of Apple Care+ and a broken process

Hi All

I am not sure if others have had the same sort of an experience so hoping to share it with you.

I am Apple user as I think the integration of the hardware and software is seamless. Today I tried to safe guard my Apple watch and planned to buy Apple Care + for the product.

Apple account works well for giving you the info but it seems Apple is not interested in the extra money as I found it extremely difficult and frustrating to buy Apple Care+. I think the process needs a re-visit by Apple:

Step# 1 Choose Apple Care+ = Works well

Step# 2 Check if your Apple watch serial number is valid, which by the way you can not do from the watch even if you ate connect to the iPhone = Works well

Step # 3 Apple sends you a diagnostic mail and you are suppose to use it on the device. Guess what! No safari on Apple watch and iOS Diagnostic link doesn't work on the watch. It does work on iPhone but the next step is not possible to validate on Apple watch = Does not work

Step # 4 Use support which it seems makes you go around circles = Does work as I am still going around in circles and hope that is not the design intent

Step # 5 Write a post and get others to assist = I guess I will find out how well it works

I think there is a gap and it makes it frustrating as I am not able to get this process working. I am thinking a visit to Apple Store to sort this out as online is hopeless for me and hopefully I will not regret the decision of sticking with seam integration. Please do share if you have had the same issues

Btw I have a celluar watch and I am with Vodafone but not enjoying the experience of the watch so far.



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Question: A tale of Apple Care+ and a broken process