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Question: USB 3 to VGA Adapter


I'm looking for a USB 3 to VGA adapter. All of the items I found have the warning about OS 10.13.4 breaking the adapter. I don't mind going through the trouble reverting back to 10.13.3 but I'm wondering if there are any adapters that do with 10.13.4, or if it is just a universal problem for all adapters. My company will be buying more MacBook Air computers, and all the users need two external displays. I use the thunderbolt to HDMI for one display, and have I was successful using a Moread USB 3 to VGA adapter on one computer, but I looked at the computer today and it is still running 10.13.4. I currently have two new MacBook Air computers going to employees and I already installed 10.13.4 last week.

Summary since i was long winded: Are there any USB 3 to VGA adapters that work with MacOS 10.13.4?



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Jun 27, 2018 3:52 PM in response to Bryan E. Thompson In response to Bryan E. Thompson

The thing is you need a DisplayPort or Thunderbolt to VGA adaptor which uses a Type-C USB connector.

Anything that tries to push video over the USB data bus will not work.

A cable that pushes the video over DisplayPort or ThunderBolt (depending on your Mac) should work.

Apple has never supported video over USB which is a data protocol.

DisplayLink hacked the OS to send video over USB. That no longer works.

The Type-C connector on a Mac will transfer power, USB, DisplayPort, or Thunderbolt protocols on the same port that uses a Type-C USB connector.

Jun 27, 2018 3:52 PM

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Question: USB 3 to VGA Adapter