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Question: Firewire audio drops out randomly

I have a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 audio interface. I've been using it on my 2015 Mac and my friends MacBook Pro(2012), works perfectly, never dropping out. However, recently the audio just started dropping randomly , whenever I connect it it'll play audio for seconds, then audio will drop out randomly. The only moment it doesn't drop out is when I ONLY have Ableton Live 9 opened. If I open applications like Chrome, Spotify, Slack etc.Sometimes it happens when just only one application is only open also. the audio will last for a few seconds and then drop out. My Saffire MixControl shows the interface is still connected, but the audio output will just show that no audio is going out, as if there's no audio playing. The only way to make it play audio again is by turning the interface off and on again or changing the sample rate of the audio in MixControl, but that's useless 'cause it'll drop out within a seconds again anyway.

I have upgraded from El Capitan to HighSierra 'cause I thought that was causing the problem. I'm thinking it's a hardware problem rather than a software problem because the interface is working properly on 2 other devices. I even gave it at the service centre, they say the thuderbolt port is working fine.

Can anyone help me?

MacBook Pro with Retina display

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Question: Firewire audio drops out randomly