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Karan Karia Level 1 (15 points)
I think this question is more appropriate in some software section of the discussions but I couldn't find an appropriate place to put it.

Anyway, the questions is, in Windows XP and Windows Vista there are some tools, (either provided within the software in the graphics drivers, or available through external 3rd party software such as UltraMon) that facilitate working in a dual display environment.

I have Mac OS X now running on 2 x 20" displays and I am looking for some tool that offers similar quick tools and options like "Jump window to next screen" or "Maximize on second monitor", and a tool which might extend the dock to the second monitor. So that whatever is minimized in one monitor appears in the dock of that monitor rather than appearing in one dock.

Also something that remembers which monitor the application was running on when it was opened before, so that the next time it opens up, it opens in that one rather than opening up in the primary monitor.

This was all offered by a software called UltraMon in Windows XP, and I found it extremely handy when working on a dual display set up. Especially since I could assign keyboard shortcuts to all the tools and just by pressing some keys on the desktop I could jump windows to the next screen, or maximize, minimize on each screen.

Does anyone know of an equivalent in Mac OS X?

  • David DeCristoforo Level 5 (6,170 points)
    Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any Mac equivalent for UltraMon.
    Fortunately, MacOS has always been much better at managing multiple display setups than windoze ever was. You might take a look at "Desktop Manager"
    which provides a lot of the virtual desktop features UltraMon offers.

    The biggest drawback in using multi display configurations in OSX has to do with the way applications are displayed. In windoze, every open app has its own "menu bar" that is part of the application window and, therefore, can "travel" with the window. On the Mac, the menu bar is always at the top of one display or the other and changes for the active application. Not nearly as convenient and one of the very few ways that windoze (IMMHO) is "better".

    There is a good utility that will aid greatly in overcoming this limitation. It's called DejaMenu
    and it will give you a popup contextual menu for the active application by "right clicking" anywhere in any of the app's windows.

  • Karan Karia Level 1 (15 points)
    Thanks for the info. Tried them out. This DejaMenu is pretty useful especially when I am coding and have millions of windows open all over the place.
    Already starting to get dependant on it.

    The desktop manager didn't work though. It failed during install and gave some error code. I guess for the virtual desktops feature we can just wait for OS X Leopard with its spaces feature