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I recently upgraded to iPhoto 6.0.5 with the intent of using it to print one-off greeting cards -- NOT necessarily ordering them from Apple.

Most greeting cards programs I've used in the past allow you to print a card on one-side of one sheet of paper, then fold it in 4, so that it fits nicely in a 4x6 envelope. Not so classy, but easy and fast.

For the life of me, I haven't figured out how to get iPhoto to print greeting cards like this. Is there something obvious that I am missing? Other hints for making quick and easy cards with little printing fuss? Thanks in advance...

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    Hello, clifnock,
    Welcome to the discussions.

    Unfortunately, the folded greeting card you want to have in iPhoto is not one of its possibilities. From Apple's iPhoto website:

    to create gorgeous greeting cards.

    And you have two types to choose from: 5x7 folded greeting cards — complete with beautiful matching envelopes — or 4x6 postcards.

    You will have to use another program to create the kind you want. I use PrintShop for Macs, and you could probably create a template for your greeting cards with Pages (in iWork).
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    I found some software that you can download called Easy Card that allows you to make your own cards or use there templates.

    I just downloaded it myself as I was looking for a way to do it in Iphoto and as you found out there is no way to do it within Iphoto to print so you can do the four fold thing you talk about.

    Anyways there software got good reviews and user reviews as well and I am still playing with it on the trial period right now!
    I designed a Birthday/ St Patricks day invitation ( my 11 month old has his 1st birthday coming up on St Patricks day) and the easy card software works great in how it works with Iphoto and my clip art that I have. It has an OSX layout so I found using their controls pretty easy in order to get pictures and text and such into my card.

    Check it out! It is a free download for trial and can be purchased for $30
    I am just about to do it myself once I am satisfied with my first design!

    I need to find more clip art though. Maybe they have more on there website once you purchase it!
    Anyone know a good site to get clip art??

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