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i've read that quicken isn't all that great for the mac. are there any good alternatives?

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    Don't know what you've heard, but I've been using it for over ten years without any problems. Quicken 2007 does what it's designed to do on my machine, but it's not an Intel-based Mac. Maybe you ought to peruse the Quicken forums https://www.quickenforums.com/ to ascertain if users are having any of the so-called problems you've read about.

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    I agree, it's impossible to use on the Mac, and Money is not available. I believe we are stuck.
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    I agree, it's impossible to use on the Mac,

    That's categorically false. Exactly what can't you do with it? As noted earlier, I've used for years. My current data file has continuous entries back to 1995, I have never failed to reconcile a checking or money market account, and I update various investment portfolios via Quicken.com. About the only things I don't do is print checks or bank online.
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    That's categorically false.

    I agree with baltwo. I currently use Quicken 2005, and have used Quicken since 1994. In my own experience, Intuit has provided a satisfactory product thoughout the years. Problems have been sparse and updates have adequately addressed the problems. I have successfully used their forums to answer routine questions and their Live Chat feature to solve an installation problem.

    The consistent complaint that I have heard, and the reason that I continue to use Quicken 2005, instead of upgrading to the most current version is that the Mac upgrades are mostly window dressing. The Windows version is cheaper and has a reputation for having better features. It is also difficult, if not impossible to switch data bases between the Windows and Mac versions.

    I will probably upgrade when hardware and or software dictates.

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    Because online services for Quicken 2004 for Mac are being phased out I am forced to upgrade to 2007 version (for only $49.99). Unfortunately there is nothing better for Macs, and that's not saying much. I used Quicken on a PC for years and the Mac version was NEVER as good.
    Anyway, since the daylight savings time change I cannot open Quicken. Anyone else having the same problem?

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    The upgrade price is less than $17/year for your situation. Cheaper than a movie, popcorn, and a softdrink in most locales. Anyway, Q 2007 loads and updates prices w/o any problems. Nothing on your problem's been posted at http://www.quickenforums.com/forum.jspa?forumID=1028

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    I find Quicken's data entry process non-intuitive, especially compared to MS Money, and it is definitely harder on the Mac platform than the PC, for some reason. It seems designed for small businesses, but is too cumbersome and slow for basic family needs, in my opinion.
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    That's why there are competing applications. Test them out and use whatever you're comfortable with. Quicken works fine on my machine. Data-entry's simple for me and since there isn't a Home Business version available for Macs, there probably are some small business features rolled into Quicken 2007. For my basic family needs, it's perfectly fine. YMMV.
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    Anyway, since the daylight savings time change I
    cannot open Quicken. Anyone else having the same


    No problem here with DST.

    My only problem with Quicken 2007 is that it doesn't handle bond pricing properly(it thinks 1000 face amount is 1000 shares) and a Fidelity brokerage sweep account has to be handled in a non-obvious and not consistent way.
    But other than that it's quite straightforward to use and useful. One of these days I'll write a couple of hundred lines of python code to replace it (before I'm forced to upgrade!).


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    i've read that quicken isn't all that great for the
    mac. are there any good alternatives?

    You might want to look at Moneydance:


    I've never tried it (I'm happy enough with Quicken, but I've been using it since version 1.5 for the Mac, so I'm used to it), but they have a demo version you can try out. And it's not terribly expensive at $30.

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    Hey Baltwo,

    My mom and I recently purchased an iMac G5 and Quicken 2006. My mom has been doing her finances by hand for YEARS and is not much of a computer person, although she's now paying her bills online. As such, the idea of managing her finances via Quicken/computer is pretty intimidating for her, but it's something she really wants and needs to get into! Can you recommend any good books for Mac Quicken that start with the VERY BASICS and work their way up? Are there any Quicken Classes for Mac that you're aware of? Any and all suggestions for getting her started and comfortable with Quicken for Mac would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks Much!

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    Sorry, I don't know of any books or classes. However, the user guide and program help is pretty good. I suggest starting small; e.g., if she has a checking account, just startup quicken and create a check register. Go back about 6 or 12 monts, enter the requisite information, and then use it to supplement her paper version. I have the paper one and use the register for an electronic copy. One neat thing is that you can reconcile the online one and ensure that the paper one is errorless. I don't do online banking, but do have stock and mutual fund registers which keeps track of all transactions and is updated regularly via a link to Quicken.com which updates each portfolio with the current prices.

    Good luck.
  • David Bergner Level 1 (105 points)
    Great! Really appreciate your suggestions. Thanks a bunch!
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    Glad to help. One other thing, the Quicken forums at http://www.quickencommunity.com/ are also pretty good and may lead to classes/tutorials.