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Kopantz Level 1 Level 1
Hi folks. I have just brought my first mac. It's an old iMac G3, 333 MHz, 128 ram, 6 gig (tray loading). I want to do the whole thing up. Can anyone please help by telling me what the Biggest hard drive size is that I can fit in it and also what is the most ram it can handle. I've been informed I can fit 120 gig hd and 2 times 256 ram. But I would be most greatful if anyone knows better. Plus what is the top OS to use, as I can get OSX.2 (Jaguar) from a friend and want to know if it will run ok?

Many thanks Anthony

iMac G3 (333 MHz), Mac OS 9.2.x
  • Strider Level 6 Level 6
    max hard drive is size is 127 gigs (a larger drive will work, but only 127 gigs will be recognized).

    Max ram is 512 (2x256)

    That computer is supported through OS 10.3

    check out www.djonmac.com for upgrading tips.
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    Great machien those 333's I have a lime . You can put 10.2.8 on it with no problem just make sure you have the cd rom update and the modem update . Like I said you can put 10.2.8 but there is no video support so it will not be the greatest with video playback or any games . For that I would stick with 9.2.2 because it has full open gl support for your imac. Get iCab web brouser and be done with it.You can put up to 512 mb of ram in it and you can get a cpu upgrade for it threw sonnet but at 260.00 + buck you are better off geting a emac or 600-700 imac for that price pluse those have firewire wich without it like the 333 you are limited to I think 10.3 . Get to use the imac and have fun and learn how it works and then upgrade to a more modern imac (flat panel or crt 600-700) or emac.
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    Cheers guys.

    Do you know what type of hard drive to fit, Des serial ATA fit? Or do I have to stick with IDE?
  • Strider Level 6 Level 6
    regular IDe only. Serial ATA is a newer technology than what was availablle when that machine came out.
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    I have just upgraded my G3 from Os X 10.2 to 10.8. It seems however the machine dosent want it or I dont have enough memory. I upgraded at 9:31am and its 2:07pm and
    the install pinwheel is still spinning. This is my 1st mac.

    Is this normal if not can it be fixed.
    Tell me my machine can live.
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    welcome to the discussion forums tigerfan01. It would be helpful for something like this to start a new topic. more people will see it and it helps keep threads on topic.

    We may be able to give more advice with a bit more information. What model iMac is this (whats the processor speed, if you don't know that, does it have a slot loading CD drive or a tray loading drive, what color is it. check out everymac.com for help too)

    Also, there isn't a 10.8, so I assume that was just a typo. Which version did you install. Where did your install come from (a retail disk, one from another machine, etc)

    How much memory do you have in the machine?
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    1st Mac bear with me. Slot loading Imac 2.2 Mac Os X 10.2 upgrading to
    10.2.8 128 megs ram 350 mhz processor power pc g3.

    my 1st upgrade from 10.2 to 10.2.8 started at 9:41 am
    and the pinwheel is still going.
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    See my response to your posted topic, concerning this problem.
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    just bought tangarine 333mhz crt imac. i have a g4 mirror door with two 80 gig seagate drives in it. as you know my used imac has a cd rom. i am thinking of hooking up a brand new hitachi 60 gig hard drive ide via firewire and loading up the contents of my old original seagate drive which has only mac os X version 10.3.9 in it. no other software is in it. the question is can i do it and then install the harddrive in the imac? i will replace the pram battery along with installing additional memory. any thing else that i need to do?

    power mac g4   Mac OS X (10.3.8)  
  • Kopantz Level 1 Level 1
    Does anyone know what type of ram to fit in it?

    iMac G3 (333 MHz) Mac OS 9.2.x
  • Jeff Level 6 Level 6
    The iMac 333 uses 144-pin, PC-66 SO-DIMMs (unregistered, non-ECC), such as those on this page. Hopefully, some Forum regulars in the UK can recommend dealers near you. I'd recommend buying the low-profile (1.2") SO-DIMMs, because they can be used in both the upper and lower slots.