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I have a studio friend who moved some ProTools audio files to a DOS formated external firewire hard drive, and now all the Sd2f (Sound Designer II File) files have turned into "Unix Executable File" formats and are unusable.

I have tried adding the ".sd2f" and ".sd2" extensions onto their filenames, but that didn't work.

I tried the "chmod -R a-x" Terminal commands, and that helped do what that does, and now I can add the ".sd2" extension to their filenames - and now Quicktime will at least recognize them - BUT - Quicktime will not open them.

QT just keeps throwing up a box that says "Error opening movie. The movie could not be opened." - very uninformative.

I've checked the Get Info box and everything seems to be as it should be (permissions, open with, etc). And 'no' - he didn't keep a backup; so recovering these would mean not having to re-record all of them - which would be VERY helpful.

I'm stumped. I've searched these forums, macosxhints, and google to no avail.
Any thoughts?