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Question: Why do lightning cables break so easily? Very flaud design!

I have been using Macs since my Quadra 700 and always used the iPhone since the first year available but the old larger connecters to the early iPhones lasted for ever but these new lighting cables are a joke. Actually not a funny joke since I lost count after 12 replacement cords. The problem is not just the accual cord fraying but the male conector bending too easy or just lossing it’s ability to work. I have kids and a dog and I admit they can get abused some times but even when I have kept the cords safe they break. Way to fragile! I ordered a wrong type of cord from amazon and see it is for another type of smart phone. This cord is a much smarter design and has a female like connector simmulor to the type of cord attachment for a external battery. So Apple has the reputation of not making changes and usually because they are too cocky about there products. Don’t get me wrong I love apple products but Apple could come back down to🌏once in awhile.

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Posted on Aug 16, 2018 8:42 PM


Aug 16, 2018 8:51 PM in response to SenecaMac In response to SenecaMac

If you have been using iPhones since they were introduced, then do you still have your 30-pin connectors? If so, you might want to consider using a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter. I use the adapters because I like to be able to charge my iPad 1 and my iPhones with the same cable. I have not had any issues with the adapters, and the 30-pin cable is from my original iPad that I got in 2010 is only now beginning to show a little wear:

Lightning to 30-pin Adapter - Apple

Just a thought....



Aug 16, 2018 8:51 PM

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Aug 17, 2018 4:24 AM in response to SenecaMac In response to SenecaMac

You have damage at the base of the strain relief. That usually indicates you have been unplugging the cable by pulling on the cable rather than on the body of the connector itself.

I will admit I have also seen that damage due to severe UV exposure over time, like a cable that spends all day in direct sunlight in a car every day for a few years.

Aug 17, 2018 4:24 AM

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Aug 17, 2018 11:39 AM in response to SenecaMac In response to SenecaMac

Apple uses a lightweight and flexible wire for connecting their mobile products. This is actually very nice except they won't take much abuse. Cables breaking at the plug is a common problem across the industry. That is why strain reliefs are made. You'll notice that the cable on your other connector is a little heavier and stiffer which will protect it a little more from too much flexing near the plug.

Also, even if the cable doesn't break, there are some other things unique to these cables that can go wrong. I've had several 3rd party cables just stop working (6 in the last 3 years). If I understand correctly those lightning plugs aren't passive. I.e., they don't just connect the wires to the various pins on the connector. There are electronics inside the plug between the wires and the pin connectors. The electronics themselves can go bad.

Which makes me wonder, If one end of one of these cables is plugged into an active device (i.e., turned on), and the exposed pins on the free end of the cable are shorted or gets wet, can this cause the electronics in the plug to be damaged? Is there anyone in the forum here familiar with the guts of the lightning cable plugs that might answer this?

Aug 17, 2018 11:39 AM

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Question: Why do lightning cables break so easily? Very flaud design!