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Hey guys! The age-old question here. I've searched previous posts but haven't found anything that's as specific as my question, though. I have run out of room on my computer, and wish to transfer all my music to an external hard drive to save space. However, here's the details:

I have ALL my music in my "My Music" folder. Within that, there's my iTunes folders, and a folder called "mp3s". ALL my mp3's are in that folder. So when I use iTunes, it finds all my songs in THAT folder and shows all the ratings and "last played" info that's associated with each song.

I want to move ALL these songs onto the external hard drive WITHOUT losing this info. The only way I've figured out for SURE how to do this is to individually cut/paste each song from my "mp3s" folder onto the hard drive, and then try to play the song in iTunes. Then when it asks "do you wish to locate this file" I go and find it on the hard drive, and that seems to work.

This could take a while with thousands of songs to move.

Does anyone know a way to move all my mp3s (my whole "mp3s" folder, not just my iTunes folder) to the hard drive, and NOT lose any info/play info/ratings from iTunes?

Please help if you can! Thanks in advance!

HP, Windows XP Pro