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hi. i have an ibook that will not even turn on. it does not even recognize the charger. no sound and no life whatsoever. just wondering of what nature the problem could be. could this be the logic board? hard drive? if something serious, is it worth fixing? i appreciate any and all help..

ibook, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    Check out Apple's Knowledge Base article on troubleshooting portables that won't turn on or start up:


    Maybe something there will help.

    How old is the iBook? If it's one of the newer ones (900 MHz), it may be worth fixing if the Apple Knowledge Base article doesn't solve things. DT & T Computer Services does free diagnostics to see if you think it would be worth the repair, but it would cost you shipping to and from Fremont, California.
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    my ibook won't turn on either.
    i can't even remember which model it is since it's been over a year - it's been collectingdust.i wnat to either fix it or sell it.
    it's white,say's 2002 on the back and i know it's all maxed out with ram and memory. it's 14". i bought it used off of ebay 1 1/2 years ago and it worked then.
    it's completely dead and i've done the troubleshooting on the apple page like you suggested to the other posts problem. any other ideas short of takingn it to a mac repair place? it seems that they all want to charge @$80-$100 just to LOOK at it? is that right? thaks so much for your answers....obvioulsy i need the help and am FAR from a computer genius. i am just a web surfer pretty much!
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    Hi, and welcome to Apple Discussions.

    If that's as cheap an estimate as you can find, it may be worth it to send it on a trip to DT & T Computer Services. They do free diagnostics and estimates, but it will cost you shipping to and from Fremont, California.

    Good luck.
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    thanks for the reply. i will send specifics of this computer later or tomorrow...i do know its an older model and made in 2000. it's black and sort of clam shell looking but not sure if it's a clam shell. ..it's actually a friends....i did check out the link and will look into this as well. ..any idea what it could be without looking at it? or, how about an area or function of the computer that would prevent a portable from starting or even charging?

    thanks again...
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    Black? Maybe dark gray? If so, the color is called "Graphite," and you've posted in the wrong forum.

    You may want to try posting in the iBook (colors) Forum.

    You have posted in the iBook G3 (Dual USB) Forum (the one for the first all-white iBooks). They first came out in 2001, so if the one you have is older than that, it's one of the colored models.
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    Try switching the battery, I have had a few battery problems with my g4, I guess after a while they just run out of juice. Anyways, good luck!
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    I've had the same problem a few weeks ago. I tried everything, even a PMU Reset (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=14449-en). Nothing worked at all. Then, a friend of mine told me to remove the battery and the power supply for at least 72 hours minimum.
    After that time I only connected the power supply with the ibook (with no battery inside). Then i pushed the power button as usually. And it started up again. But, i have one of the ibooks (Serial Number between UV117XXXXXX and UV342XXXXXX) with the "logic board failure" and so this can happen again and again when the problem occured once. Now I will try the "Logic Board Repair Extension" (LBRE).
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    Hi, and welcome to Apple Discussions.

    It is not significant that your iBook's serial number falls within the serial number range of the iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Program, since the program gradually was expanded to include all G3 Dual USB iBooks.