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Am I the only one frustrated that iTunes does not have built in support to PLAY an Mp3 disc, but only a normal audio CD? I think it is odd they have the ability to burn one of these discs, but the only solution to play from a MP3 disc is to drag every song into your library.

I burn these discs for my truck, since the stock stereo plays this format. These save on how many albums fit on a single disc. So I have quite a few CD's in my vehicle, and if I want to listen to my CD's at work I have to copy it to my library... which is not practical when using a shared computer. I'm sure others have monitored systems at work, where modifying or adding personal info is discouraged.

All I trying to achieve is to play from an MP3 disc instead of adding to my library. Audio CD's do this, why not an Mp3 disc? It seems ideal to burn a few albums to a CD (or better yet DVD) and be able take your collection on the go for pennies by copying it to a medium which costs pennies.

There are also albums I listen to occassionaly, that I want to have on CD to listen to but not clutter up my iTunes.

Can someone please make a suggestion? Or, lets start a petition for Apple to build this feature into the next iTunes. I mean, if you can burn a disc the same software should be able to read it!

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