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i'm not really sure what happened but when i go to my "songs" and try to play my music, it skips over any song that have pictures of the album cover on them and it will not let me go back and play them. i updated the software..i am now on 1.1.2. any help would be greatly appreciated....asap please!!


iPod nano (second generation, Windows XP Pro
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    Have you tried resetting your iPod?

    Press and hold the Menu and Select (center) buttons together for about 5-10 seconds.

    You might need to try this several times.

    Also, have you seen this article?

    iPod: Skips to the next song

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    i have reset and still didn't fix it. any other suggestions?
  • Jeff Bryan Level 9 (61,790 points)
    Go through The Five Rs.

    Another thing to consider is that the artwork may be corrupt. Try deleting a song's artwork, put the song back on the iPod and check to see if it plays ok then.

    To delete the artwork from a song, right click on it, select get info/artwork, click on the picture and then select delete/ok.
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    Had the same problem and posted about it yesterday....I got this very helpful (it solved it) response from Kylene:

    As for your purchased music skipping on your iPod, see this for a solution to that issue:

    iPod does not play content purchased from the iTunes Store

    Content you purchased from the iTunes Store won't play your on iPod. The content plays correctly in iTunes, and all non-purchased content (such as content imported from audio CD) plays normally on the iPod. The purchased songs' titles are visible on the iPod but appear to be skipped over without being played.

    Products affected

    iTunes Store content
    Any iPod model

    If your iPod is exhibiting the above symptom, one of the solutions listed below may resolve your issue. Note: If your iPod is able to play the content, but the content skips while playing, see "Troubleshooting songs that skip on iPod" for possible solutions.

    Update your software

    Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. You can download it here.

    It is also important to ensure that your operating system software is up to date. If you have a Mac, you can update your software automatically using Software Update. Windows users should check Microsoft's website for the latest Windows updates.

    Deauthorize and reauthorize your account in iTunes

    In some cases iTunes may "forget" that your music is authorized. You can refresh the authorization by deauthorizing and then reauthorizing your computer. To deauthorize a computer:

    In iTunes, choose Deauthorize Computer from the Store menu (your computer needs to be connected to the Internet).
    In the resulting dialog, enter your Apple ID and password.
    Click OK.
    You can now reauthorize your computer by simply trying to play one of the songs you've purchased. A dialog box will appear asking you to enter your Apple ID and password. Once you have done so, click Authorize to finish the process.

    Restore the iPod

    Restore the iPod as documented in "Restoring iPod to factory settings." Make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes when you restore your iPod.

    Recreate the iTunes Library

    Issues with your iTunes Library could contribute to this issue. Try recreating your iTunes Library by following the steps in "How to recreate your iTunes Library."

    1. You'll probably want to re-import those CDs, which is probably the only way to get around these static sounds. Then, after you've re-imported those files into iTunes again, re-load them onto your iPod again.
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    And we know this is music purchased from the iTunes store? I don't see that mentioned anywhere.

    Neither do I see anything about "static sounds".
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    try restarting your ipod
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    This problem is solved by re-importing your CDs.

    The decoder in the 2nd Gen Nano looks to be more "sensitive" than previous models. The songs hit the same spot in a song and skips through all the others. Resetting does not help.
    Restoring then re-syncing from itunes does not help.

    Songs stilled worked on my 3rd Gen Ipod. So it's isolated to the Nano.
    Re-imported my CDs using Apple Itunes and all songs play fine.
    Has something to do with MP3 songs. I don't think there is an issue with songs in AAC format.

    Current issues: Nano still freezes occasionally. Hopefully updating to 1.1.2 will do something...
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    I had the problem where my purchased songs would be skipped over when I attempted to play them on my iPod, described perfectly in article 303854 "iPod does not play content purchased from the iTunes Store." However, after following all the steps in that article the problem still happened, until...

    I spoke with an iPod support representative who knew that in some cases the normal iPod Restore steps don't work unless the iPod is put in "Disk Mode" first. We put my iPod in Disk Mode then performed the Restore steps, and the problem went away--purchased songs played normally.

    For instructions to put an iPod in disk mode, see article 93651 "Putting iPod into Disk Mode":

    So, if your purchased songs are skipped over and if the steps in article 303854 don't solve your problem, consider putting your iPod in Disk Mode first then performing the Restore steps again.

    Good luck.