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I just downloaded "firefox" as a new web browser. How do I transfer it down to the bottom of the screen? After downloading, I had to drag it into applications as told by tech support. The "small" icon is @ the bottom but outside of the "large" icons like the mail, finder, kodak,etc.... I would like it included like the others. Is this possible?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    Yes. In your Applications folder, find the application whose icon you want to add to the dock. [Some applications, such as Adobe Reader, are located inside folders.] Select (highlight) it, make sure it's the actual application by opening the "File" pull-down to "Get Info" and that will say for sure whether it's the application or an alias for the application. Drag the application to the position on the dock where you want the icon located and release it. A new icon will appear at that position on the dock, and the application itself will return to its positon in the Applications folder.

    If you don't want the extra small icon on your desktop (again, always make sure it's only an alias) just put it into the trash and empty the trash. If you ever need another alias you can always create one.

    After you upgrade some Applications such as Adobe Reader from 7 to 8, a new icon must be added to the dock, as the old icon will still be pointing to the old application. If the old application is deleted, the old icon will become a dead-end, so must also be deleted.

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    Regarding icons @ bottom. I was able to put an icon for the program @ the bottom, however, I still have another outside of the icon bar. When I try to put it in the trash, it "spits" right back out. Should the original application read "view" as it seems as I have several which are alias's?
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    "however, I still have another outside of the icon bar"

    Sorry I wan't more clear. Select an icon, open the "File" menu, and select "Get Info." When the information box opens up with the little triangle left of "General:" the first information category should be "Kind:"

    If "General:" is not followed by "Kind:" but instead is followed by "More Info:" with a little triangle to its left, then you must click the little triangle left of "General:" so that it opens up and displays the information that follows, which is "Kind:" "Size:" "Where:" and so on.

    The information that follows "Kind:" will be "Application" or "Alias" or "Folder" or some other description.

    If the icon is on your desktop, not inside your Dock, and if the icon is an alias, then put the icon into the trash. Any "alias" icon will go into the trash and delete unless its application is being used at the time. If you have trouble dragging an icon into the trash, just select (highlight) the icon, open the "File" menu at the top and select "Move to Trash"

    If "Move to Trash" is not highlighted, and if immediately under that "Eject" is highlighted, that means that you have not selected an icon alias, but something else. Double check what you're doing.

    For more information about your "Dock" - click once on the blue Apple icon in the very upper left corner of your screen. The Apple menu will open and you can select the fourth item listed which is "System Preferences..." and when you then click on "System Preferences..." the blue Apple menu will close and the box "System Preferences" will open. The top row of icons will have the heading "Personal" and the fourth icon is "Dock"

    Click once on "Dock" and that preference pane will open. In the bottom right hand corner there will be a purple circle with a question mark inside - now click once on it and you will be able to read some useful information about the Dock and how to use it, and if you scroll to the bottom on the left it shows:

    See also

    Click on the word Dock to see a dozen topics with additional useful information about setting up and using your Dock.