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I cant seem to figure out how to capture video from a USB capture card to QuickTime Pro. I know I installed it correctly, but no video that is supposed to pop up ever did when i finished appling QuikTime Pro settings. I can barily tell a diference, and i need to know how to capture video to QuickTime Pro. Please let me know if a wasted my money.

Dell, Windows XP, none
  • QuickTimeKirk Level 9 Level 9 (50,175 points)
    QuickTime Pro has nothing to do with how you you move files via USB from your camera.
    You only open the file (after you've imported it from the drive) in QuickTime Pro.
    QuickTime for Mac can be used to capture (record) but this feature is not available in the Windows version of QuickTime.
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    Thank you, at least its nice to know that i wasted $30.
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    I'm here for the same issue. I purchased Quicktime Pro for exactly the sane reason,and it is pretty misleading!
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    Very misleading indeed. I just purchased pro in hopes of creating screen capture videos for software demos. This is almost like a bad joke.

    Windows Media Encoder and VLC, both free, support capture. How could this feature be left out?
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    Even the Mac version of QuickTime Pro can't capture "on screen" events. We use third party software for those tasks just like Windows users.
    QuickTime Pro "Record" (New Video Recording - Mac only or New Audio Recording - Mac or PC) works with the built in devices found on a Mac (iSight camera) or external devices meeting the requirements (usually Firewire connection).
    I use SnapzProX on my Mac (about $70) to record on screen events. Similar products for Windows sell for as little as $20.