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Hi there,

A couple of days ago, I had close to 20 gb of free space on my 60 gb hard drive. Then yesterday the space on my hard drive kept on getting decreasing and programs like powerpoint and system preferences would not open. I kept on deleting music and all sorts of things I did not need. The amount of space left would increase, but then it would just keep going down and down until I shut my MacBook off for a couple of hours. I took most of iLife, burned it to CD's then deleted them for extra space. Plus I figured that if I need iLife, which I really don't use, then I could just reinstall it with the DVDs. And last night I had about 10.9gb and today I have 10.34gb. I just checked and now I have 10.25gb. Where the space is going I have no clue, but I found it to be really bizzare. I thought maybe I have a virus, but I don't know how I'd get one because I haven't downloaded anything that I don't know where it's from for the longest time. And the last time I used the p2p Program Acquisition was in November I believe. If anyone knows what I should do, I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe I have to get a bigger hard drive, I don't know, but 60gb was always enough for me before.

Thanks so much!

MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   1st Generation

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.8), 1st Generation
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    Check your logs in Utilities > Console.

    There might be a repeating error message that is growing the logs.

    Also, run a system maintenance utility like Yasu, to clear out old temp files, caches, and error logs:


    You shouldn't worry about relatively small, moment to moment variation in disk usage, since the Virtual Memory system makes heavy use of the hard disk.
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    Check your logs in Utilities > Console.

    There might be a repeating error message that is
    growing the logs.

    I did that, and I get this message:

    2007-02-14 16:06:20.248 SyndicationAgent[465] WARNING: BestCalendarDateFromString - can't interpret: 'Wed 14 Feb 2007 10:02:47 -800'

    That's the first time it showed up and then it went all the way until today, every half hour or so. I have no idea what it means.
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    Probably Safari's RSS agent erroring out on one of your RSS feeds. If you can eliminate the bad feed, that will go away.
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    I had a problem like this with a iBook of mine. Found out it was a driver I installed for a gamepad. It kept reinstalling itself and consumed my hardrive.Like you my hardrive was being consumed rapidly for no apparent reason. I uninstalled the driver and found a later version of that driver which works fine. I admit it was a process of elimination to I found the culprit !