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For some reason, whenever I listen to anything with my Apple Earphones the right one is always slightly louder. This gets frustrating when listening as the music always seems to be panned to the right. It's not a problem with my iPod, as it's fine with a different pair of 3rd Party headphones. I've also had this problem with some Apple In-Ear Earphones and my friend says he has the same problem aswell. Are all Apple Earphones like this? Can I get a new pair?

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    Apple earphones are covered under an iPod's one year warranty. You can simply contact Apple and they will send you new ones for free, though you may have to send back the old ones.

    You might want to check to see that everything is connecting. If the headphones or audio ports are damaged or malformed, the connection might not be completely made with the left or right channel. Also, if there are any crossed wires or short circuits in the headphone wires, the signal will be significantly weakened.

    My last idea would be the balance on the computer, but that shouldn't effect the iPod playback. Anyway, sometimes when you try to adjust the volume very quickly while the processor is very busy, the computer's audio balance will drift to the left or right. You can reset it in System Preferences or download Balanced, a daemon that will check periodically to see if your balance is off center and reset it. http://www.whamb.com/balanced/
  • Andrew Shand *SH&E* Level 1 (15 points)
    There's no wires wrong, or loose or anything like that. It's just the music is always panned further to the right than the left. I suppose I'll just get some new ones from Apple. Thanks.
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    Only problem is, I'm 13. And to get a free pair of new earphones from Apple you need a credit card. Hmm... What'm I supposed to do? Also, the panning has got worst since when I first posted this. Argh...