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Okay, after searching through these forums, I've found a ton of possible solutions, but they do not seem to be working for me.

Yesterday I subscribed to several new Podcasts. I connected my 60GB ipod photo and it synced just fine and loaded my new podcasts. Later that day, I imported a few more songs and downloaded some more new podcasts. When I tried to connect my ipod again it won't show up in iTunes or on the desktop. Here's what I've tried so far:

5 r's several times. The only one I haven't done is the restore, since iTunes won't recognize the iPod, I can't restore the iPod software. I've tried to reset my iPod alot, both when it is connected to the powerbook and when it is unplugged.

Checked cable. I think the cable is ok, because when I plug my iPod into my powerbook the ipod charges fine, but won't load in iTunes. I don't have another cable to try though.

Attempted to put the iPod in disk mode, and still couldn't get the computer to recognize it at all.

I'm planning on taking it to the apple store to see if I can connect it to another apple computer, but thought I'd check here first. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: The ipod still charges and plays without any issues.

G3 Firewire Powerbook, Mac OS X (10.3.9)