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I think this topic has been done to death, but so far i haven't found anything that works.
Its a brand new 30gb video iPod, when connected i get the message iTunes has dectected an iPod that appears to be corrupted and that itll need to be restored.
When i try to restore the ipod it says there was an error 1418 and then i can no longer see the ipod in itunes.

Ive tried formatting the ipod through windows but seen as though theres nothing on there it doesnt do anything.
Ive tried various other options but im getting kinda ****** off now! haha.

Cheers for your help!

Windows XP
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    Thanks, but no luck yet...
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    "iTunes has dectected an iPod that appears to be corrupted and that itll need to be restored."

    The one and only time that I've ever gotten this message is when I had forgotten that I "Restored" the iPod with my iMac. Obviously when I plugged it into my windows based pc, it couldn't recognize the format and it gave me that message that you got. I think it has lost track of the format somehow.

    Try putting it in disk mode manually by doing these key combinations:

    With the iPod on and NOT CONNECTED to the computer hold down on the "Menu" and "Select" buttons at the same time until the screen goes black. Then immediately let go of those buttons and press the "Select" and "Play" buttons until you see that the iPod is in Disk Mode. It should display Disk Mode at the very top, and the middle of the screen should have a checkmark and then below that it will say "Ok to disconnect". Once you got it in disk mode, plug it in and see if it will be recognized. If so, "Restore" it using iTunes on your pc.

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    It took ages to find it, but im still recieving the same error message when it trys to restore

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    Would you happen to have a friend nearby that has a windows based pc that you could try it on? I've read in these forums of individuals being able to correct their problems on another persons computer and then going back to their own and the iPod working after that.

    Just please make sure that you all DON'T swap music...etc...as that is illegal. I just saw on the news yesterday that the music industry is really cracking down EVEN MORE on this type of thing. In fact they are going after Universities (and the students at those universities that are stealing music).

    In the meantime I'll keep my eye open for a way to help ya out. You might also consider taking it into a local Apple Store to see what they say.
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    Since your iPod is not showing up in iTunes anymore, try this article:

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    I have tried my ipod on a couple friends PCs and it works fine.
    When i connect my ipod to my pc it comes up as a removable drive, i think that might be the problem.
    Does anyone know how i can change that?

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    Change the drive letter to something higher, such as M.
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    We've had this problem since the release of iTunes 7
    The problem is NOT the iPod (we've got several replaced from Apple). The problem is iTunes and somw Windows-drivers.
    Still, we haven't found which drivers that causing the problem, but if you install a new copy of Windows XP with SP1 and the iTunes, it works. But after installing a couple of programs, SP's etc, it fails!

    However, if you use an older version like 6.0 it works but ONLY if you have NOT installed 7.0 -> before. Uninstalling 7.0 want work.

    This is something we have reported to Apple but they don't care about it at all. Which not is so bright as you can replace the iPod during your waranty and that cost Apple alot of money and time.