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Hi to anyone out there willing to tackle this scenario.

I have a PowerMac G4 built somewhere around 1999 and my office just got a new 20" Cinema Display. My task is to connect the two together.

The graphics card in the G4 is an ATI Rage128Pro (this slot in the rear supports VGA and ADC only). I also have the ADC to DVI adapter from Gefen. The problem is that when I connect everything and turn on the G4, the monitor remains black.

I tested the monitor on our G5 PowerMac, and it works fine.

Can this card support the 20" Apple Cinema Display? If not, what is the necessary upgrade? Or is the Gefen adapter not the best choice?

Any answers greatly appreciated.


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    Does this article contain anything useful? If you aren't sure which model of G4 you have, click here to find out.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I've been to that article already. The first slot has a VGA and ADC video connection available. The model number is M5183, which doesnt match any of the specs given in the other article you mentioned. The first PCI slot is AGP with 3 others unused. The processor is a PowerPC G4 Dual 500MHz. I just confirmed that is does have gigabit ethernet. So it must a PowerMac G4 (Gigabit Ethernet). The ram has been udgraded to 1GB.

    With that said, the problem remains the same. Does anyone know if this graphics card can support a 20" Apple Cinema Display? And is the Gefen ADC to DVI adapter reliable for this context?

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    I have the same issue (only with the 30 inch) using a G4. This part of that article seems to shut us both down:

    The Power Mac G4 - (Gigabit Ethernet) video card does not support the Apple Cinema Display HD or Apple Cinema Display (20-inch) unless the original video card is updated to one that meets the specification for the display.

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    You really need a card with DVI-I connectors, and enough graphics power to properly drive the cinema display. The Rage 128, is not compatible with the cinema displays optimal resolution, nor does it have DVI, or enough power. Also, a replacement card needs to be 2x AGP compatible.
    You will need a minimum of an ATI Radeon 9000 Pro Mac to run the cinema display. The 9000 is no longer produced, but, system pulls (used) can be had reasonably on eBay.
    The ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Mac will also support the cinema display, and offer better graphic quality and bring new features alive in Tiger.

    There are ATI 9800 and 9000 PC versions, which, when flashed, or converted to Mac ROM, can be used in your machine. When properly flashed, the cards perform as a Mac Pro card would. These cards are often found on eBay.

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    To run a 30" cinema display, you have to have a dual link DVI to obtain optimal resolution. A single link DVI, like an ATI Radeon 9800, can drive a 30" cinema display, but NOT at optimal resolution.
    If you are a lucky one, the ATI Radeon 9600 is dual link, and may work in your machine. Otherwise, a flashed Geforce 7800 or such is possible.

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