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My Macbook Pro Intel Core2 purchased Jan16/07 will NOT connect to internet via built-in Ethernet.
Spend 2 hours with my cable ISP, PC's are connecting fine via Dlink switch but Mac no signals coming through on ISP side. Tried several settings and info provided on this forum, nothing seems to work.

Need Help?????

If everything fails, am planning to take this unit back to the dealer. Tried everything, settings, Airport turned off, no WPA2 entries to delete but nothing seemed to work.

Appreciate any help. This is frustrating. Welcome to my darkside???


AMD 2800+ - Macpro 2.16 Core 2, Mac OS X (10.4.8), Ipod 5G - 60gb
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    Solved my problem.

    Having taken the Mac in to the Dealer, they too couldn't connect via their own Network via a Test Site.

    CAUSE: Bad Logic Board.

    Logic Board was replaced and it's now working.

    Point being though that my Macbook Pro did work okay, Super drive was fine and even my Airport was able to pickup unsecure wifi frequency. Wouldn't have suspected the Logic Board from "no-connection" via built-in Ethernet.