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I've a bunch of problems here, ALL font related. Brand new computer, kick *** machine, more font problems than ever.

First off, I have fonts I deleted off the entire computer, BUT they are ALL still showing up in all CS2 applications. As a matter of fact, the one's I NEED which I didn't delete, and still show up in FONTBOOOK, are not replacing.

So, 1. How do I get rid off these fonts? I did an entire computer search for the fonts, and they aren't anywhere. Yet they still show up in ONLY the application font menu's.

2. What is up with the font issues between FONT BOOK, OS X 10.4.8 and Suitcase 10?

I am infuriated with the horrible font "mismanagement" between these 3 pieces of software.

Anyone with any suggestions, ideas and fixits, inquire within. At this point I'm going to reinstall from the factory specs (installing all the multi-language fonts and all is a recipe for disaster!) and start anew.

Quad G5, Mac OS X (10.4.8)