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I've had Macs for over 14 years but I am new to wireless. My new Airport Extreme at home has worked flawlessly and never been down.
The office I work for has had problems with their wireless network. Intermittent or no internet connection. The MacBook and iMac read a very strong signal but could not connect to the Inernet. The 2 PCs worked randomly. Since I was so impressed with my Airport Extreme, I bought one to replace the Linksys router at the office. It set up quickly and all 3 laptops and 2 PCs found the network. All were also able to get an internet connection. However since then, it has cut out numerous times and sometimes even after restarting both router and computer it can not get an internet connection even though there is a full signal.
Does this appear to be an interference problem? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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