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Is there such a thing (in the - range)? Presumably password as public also?

Windows XP
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    Battman3263, Welcome to the discussion area!

    The AirPort Express (AX) does not have any default WAN IP address.

    The default LAN IP address is

    The default configuration password is public.

    You can not configure the AX via a web browser you need to use the Apple AirPort Admin Utility or AirPort Setup Assistant.
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    Thanks for the welcome and response!
    The basis of my question is that I have 2 AE units. I'm running Windows XP, and a Lynksys Wireless router. No problem setting up first unit, but whatever I do, the network doesn't seem able to see the 2nd one, whatever i do!
    I've even alloctaed the first unit with a fixed IP (to avoid possible conflict with other AE and PC's) and tried just about every reset i can think of. Message that my settings for 1st unit may prevent identification of additional AE units came up after altering original settings; tried a few changes, but still came up, and gave no clues as to which settings might be causing this. I even went to the apple store in Regent street to check that both units are OK; they were, and we input fixed IP addresses for both. Needless to say, 1st unit OK, but failed to see the 2nd one!
    I'm getting fed up, but not beaten!
    Any ideas anyone?
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    Temporarily connect directly to the troublesome AX using Ethernet and configure it.
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    Thanks; tried already and no joy!